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Suklaavohvelit – Chocolate Waffles

The Finnish waffle recipes I’ve added this far has all been the savory kind, so here is finally a sweet one! Chocolate waffles, how can you go wrong, right? 
A delicious treat that you can whip together in the blink of an eye! 

As I have mentioned in previous waffle entries, please keep in mind that for Finnish waffles, or Scandinavian waffles in general, you will need a heart waffle maker. The biggest difference here isn’t that they’re heart shaped, but they are also a lot thinner than the usual American/Belgian waffles. A waffle maker like this would be perfect, and let’s you cook two at the time!

Yield: 8 waffles

Suklaavohvelit - Chocolate Waffles

Suklaavohvelit - Chocolate Waffles

A easy delicious recipe for chocolate waffles that you can make in the blink of an eye!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 3 dl / 10 oz all purpose flour.
  • ½ dl / 2 oz cocoa.
  • ½ dl / 2 oz powdered sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar.
  • 2 pinches salt
  • 3 dl / 10 oz whipped cream.
  • 2 ½ dl / 8.5 oz ice cold water.

For serving

  • Powdered sugar
  • 2 dl / 7 oz whipped cream.
  • Dark chocolate chips.
  • Fresh mint.


  1. Mix the flour, cocoa, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, and salt.
  2. Whip the cream. Add the water and half of the cream to the flour mixture, mix batter until smooth and then add the other half of the cream.
  3. Heat and grease the waffle iron, then fry the waffles.
  4. Garnish the waffles with powdered sugar and mint leaves. Serve waffles right away topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.


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